Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This is some really cool/weird art!

There are some really amazing artist out there. These artists all have their own form of art. This means they prefer painting in their own way. Some artists are cubist, realists, impressionist, etc. Some example of these artists are Picasso, Leger, Magritte and Ernst. Picasso and Leger are cubists which means that their art is created with shapes. For example Leger's "Le Remporqueur" is of a steam boat. You can not see it right away when you look at the painting, but once you look closer you can see stairs, people, a dog, trees and smoke stacks. It may not seem like a boat but once you break it down you can see the formation.

Here is Leger's "Le Remorgueur":

Margritte and Ernst are both realist painters. This means that their art takes reality and twists it. In Margritte's "On the Threshold of Liberty" you can interprit it in many ways. It is a painting of a cannon in side a box with windows of different pictures in it. What I interpreted from it was that the windows are what the world is like at that time, and that the cannon represents the war and the main focus is the cannon that war is the stand out of the normal world.

Here is Margritte's "On the Threshold of Liberty":

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